AMAZON FIRE TV STICK with CyberFlix, Redbox T, and FileLinked Apps




With CyberFlix, and FileLinked Apps

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa built-in, Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, includes the Alexa Voice Remote.  Alexa is Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant — but the remote used to cost extra. Now, it’s bundled with the Fire TV Stick 4K.

What does all that mean? Basically, you can hold down a physical button on the Fire TV Stick 4K remote and use your voice to search for apps, programming, and games, without having to punch in a bunch of characters using arrow keys on the remote. The voice search results are fast and, for the most part, accurate. Amazon’s TV interface has always been a bit more convoluted than some of the other streaming media boxes out there, but it has gotten much better, especially with the most recent software update. And with the exception of iTunes, the Fire TV Stick has almost every big streaming channel you could think of: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Sling, DirecTV Now, HBO, NFL, NBA, Spotify, news channels, and more.

There are a few other things that set the Fire TV Stick 4K apart. First, it’s fast for such a tiny stick. Second, Amazon has its own Prime Video and Music services, so if you’re a paying Prime member ($99 annually), you have access to those services. With the Fire TV Stick remote, you can simply say, “Play Prime music” without even opening an app. Amazon’s X-Ray feature, which appears on Kindle e-readers, is also pretty cool: when you pause a TV program that you’re watching, cast and character information appear on the lower third of the screen.

Really, the biggest downside to the Fire TV stick is that Amazon no longer offers the KODI app in the Amazon Appstore. However, the Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV devices sold here are loaded with CyberFix Apps so you can stream more Movies, TV Shows and more.

Using the Amazon fireTV devices and a quality Amplified HDTV Antenna you can ultimately CUT THE CABLE. Many networks that broadcast over the air TV have Sub-channels.

As an example in the Chicago, Illinois TV market  OTA TV Channels

Display Ch. Digital Ch. Call Sign Network Nickname
02-1 12.1 WBBM-TV CBS CBS 2 Chicago
02-2 12.2 WBBM-TV Decades
05-1 29.5 WMAQ-TV NBC NBC 5 Chicago
05-2 29.6 WMAQ-TV Cozi TV
07-1 44.1 WLS-TV ABC ABC 7 Chicago
07-2 44.2 WLS-TV Live Well
07-3 44.3 WLS-TV Laff
09-1 19.3 WGN-TV The CW
09-2 19.4 WGN-TV Antenna TV
09-3 19.5 WGN-TV This TV
11-1 47.3 WTTW PBS WTTW11
11-2 47.4 WTTW PBS Encore WTTW Prime
11-3 47.5 WTTW Create WTTW Create
11-3 47.5 WTTW World Channel WTTW World
11-4 47.6 WTTW V-me WTTW V-me
13-1 4.5 WOCK-CD MundoMax
13-2 4.2 WOCK-CD KBS World KBC TV
13-3 4.3 WOCK-CD Z Living
13-4 4.4 WOCK-CD Ind. Fad Channel
13-5 4.1 WOCK-CD Arirang
20-1 21.1 WYCC PBS Wise TV WYCC
20-2 21.2 WYCC First Nations Experience
20-3 21.3 WYCC MHz Worldview
23-1 39.3 WWME-CD Me-TV
23-2 39.4 WWME-CD Heroes & Icons H&I On MeToo
24-1 20.3 WPVN-CD Movies Movee4U
24-2 20.4 WPVN-CD Heart
24-3 20.9 WPVN-CD Tuff TV
24-4 20.6 WPVN-CD Polvision
24-5 20.7 WPVN-CD MBC-D Win TV 24.5
24-6 20.8 WPVN-CD MC-TV
24-7 20.5 WPVN-CD KBS World
26-1 27.3 WCIU-TV Ind. The U
26-2 27.4 WCIU-TV UToo
26-3 27.5 WCIU-TV MeTV
26-4 27.6 WCIU-TV MeToo
26-5 27.7 WCIU-TV Bounce TV
32-1 31.3 WFLD Fox Fox Chicago
38-1 43.3 WCPX-TV Ion Television
38-2 43.4 WCPX-TV Qubo
38-3 43.5 WCPX-TV Ion Life
38-4 43.6 WCPX-TV Shop
38-5 43.7 WCPX-TV QVC
38-6 43.8 WCPX-TV HSN
40-1 40.1 WESV-LD Estrella TV
40-2 40.2 WESV-LD Solis
41-1 49.1 WOCH-CD The Works
41-2 49.2 WOCH-CD Comet TV
44-1 45.3 WSNS-TV Telemundo Telemundo Chicago
44-2 45.4 WSNS-TV TeleXitos
48-1 32.3 WMEU-CD Ind. The U Too
48-2 32.4 WMEU-CD TouchVision
57-1 30.1 WDCI-LD Daystar
61-1 33.6 WCHU-LD Azteca America
61-2 33.5 WCHU-LD CCTV News
61-3 33.4 WCHU-LD CCTV Documentary
61-4 33.7 WCHU-LD Jewelry TV