Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jailbroken?

Jailbroken Fire TV stick only means we turn on the developer mode so we can side-load software like KODI on it. It does not mean that you can watch Amazon prime videos, Hulu, Netflix and Sling TV for free. You still need pay them.

Can I watch all the new movies and Live TVs and Sports?

There is a lot of content, however, the answer is NO. All the content depends on the available sources. You can get a lot, but not all.

Do the add-ons in KODI update themselves?

Yes,  the add-ons are internet based and are setup to automatically update themselves. To update Kodi you need to use the AppStarter app.

Can I cut down my cable TV after buy the stick?

It depends on what you watch on cable and how much you watch. It also depends on the video quality you watch. For the most part yes you can cut it down but it really depends on what you want to watch and the quality you want. Stream quality on  KODI often vary.

How to find which add-ons have the content I want?

If you wish to find a TV show like The Walking Dead you can find it by going to Add-ons > Video add-ons select an add-on (Exodus, Phoenix, Exodus, etc.) and search for The Walking Dead.

My remote is dead?

Sometime the remote will disconnect with your stick, you will need to hold the home button at least 15-20 seconds to reconnect. If it still is not working after this, check the batteries on the remote. Also, Amazon has a Fire TV Remote app for your smart phone..

What do I do if the KODI is frozen?

Go to Amazon Home Page > select Setting > select Application> select Manage Installed Application, then find KOD, and you will see the Force stop menu, press it and launch KODI.

What is needed?

All you need is a FREE basic Amazon account, a TV with HMDI, and a Wi-Fi high-speed internet connection. Dump your cable box or satellite! You can use the Fire TV Stick virtually anywhere. In a hotel, at a friend’s house, anywhere there is a TV with HMDI & Wi-Fi connection.

What is included?

Amazon FireTV Stick with Alexa Voice remote, HMDI Extender, Mini-USB Cable, Power Supply. Original Packaging, Manual, Simple Instructions for KODI use.

What is IPVanish?

IPVanish is a VPN App. (virtual private network). Please go to ipvanish.com to learn more & register. This is not a free VPN


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